Welcome to Hi Style Modelling Studio

Established in 2010; we have helped aspiring models of all ages achieve their dream of becoming a model (or) cine inustry. We can help you take those first vital steps into the cine & modelling world. Not everyone is best suited to get into runway modelling and this is where we help you understand various different categories of modelling and how best you can do it. Approaching the HISTYLE MODELLING is as important as having the right material to promote yourself. At HISTYLE we help you maximize your chances of getting selected with an cine audition and start professional work.

Our HISTYLE-Modelling Shoot days are unique and we design the shoot according to your skill set and needs. It is an unforgettable experience with established hair stylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists and photographers. Although our team works with experienced and professional models, they are equally amazing at working with new faces and fresh talent. So you know that you are in safe hands.

We provide a number of different services from HISTYLE MODELLING Shoot days to marketing material for models such as model portfolio, freelance website, show reel and digital image retouching.

Although we are not a modelling agency and we do not find you work; we are able to provide all the services and products you need, as well as the advice to guide you through the early days of breaking in to the cine industry / modelling industry.

Apply now and HISTYLE MODELLING can help you get signed up with the right INDUSTRY and we can also support you with freelance modelling.